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How we got an ROAS of >10 in a niche product with a low budget

How to get ROAS >10 with a niche product

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Fan Paint

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How we got an ROAS of >10 in a niche product with a low budget

Project Overview


Fan Paint, an innovative French functional paint, took on the challenge of promoting its unique product designed specifically to repel mosquitoes. The challenge lay in the niche nature of the product and a limited advertising budget. However, through a clever Google Ads strategy, Fan Paint achieved remarkable results, showcasing the power of a targeted and well-executed approach.


The primary goal was to effectively promote Fan Paint on Google Ads while maximizing return on investment (ROAS) despite a constrained advertising budget. The strategy aimed to reach consumers interested in an anti-mosquito product while minimizing advertising costs.

Project Execution

Advertising Strategy

1. Campaign Selection

Fan Paint opted for a set of campaigns including the Shopping network, Performance Max, and search networks. This combination allowed reaching different audiences and utilizing various ad formats.

2. Single Product Focus

Given the unique nature of Fan Paint, the campaign focused on a single product, leveraging its distinct features and benefits. This approach helped in creating a clear and compelling message tailored to the target audience.

3. Performance Max with Audience Testing

The use of Performance Max, segmented in audience testing, allowed Fan Paint to refine targeting based on user behavior. This adaptive approach ensured that the advertisements were presented to users most likely to engage with the product.

4. Targeting High-Converting Regions

Through data analysis, Fan Paint identified the regions in France with the highest conversion rates. The advertising budget was strategically allocated to prioritize these regions, optimizing the campaign's overall effectiveness.

5. Highly Specific Search Campaign

The search campaign employed an ultra-specific strategy with a target impression share, utilizing a bid strategy to maximize visibility. This approach ensured that the advertisements appeared prominently for relevant and highly specific search queries.



The implemented strategy yielded excellent results, with a ROAS exceeding 10. Despite the niche market and limited budget, Fan Paint's Google Ads campaign effectively showcased the product to the right audience, resulting in a positive impact on sales and brand visibility.


The success of Fan Paint's Google Ads campaign for a niche product with a limited budget underscores the importance of a strategic and targeted approach. By leveraging different campaign types, focusing on specific audiences, and optimizing for high-converting regions, Fan Paint demonstrated how thoughtful planning and execution can lead to significant returns even in challenging advertising scenarios.

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