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Business Address: Vitosha Bvld 25, 1000 Sofia Center

Contact Information:
Phone: +33 6 19 04 87 44

Business Information
VAT Number: BG207603049
Legal Representative: Franck Caubet:

Terms of Service:Service Offerings: Catalyse provides professional marketing services tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Payment Terms: Clients are required to adhere to the pricing and payment terms outlined in the agreement.

Engagement Duration: There is no engagement duration.

Termination Policy: Clients and Catalyse reserve the right to terminate services whenever they want.

Intellectual Property: Catalyse retains ownership of intellectual property created during the provision of services unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

Governing Law: This agreement is governed by the laws of Bulgaria.

Modification of Terms: Catalyse reserves the right to modify the terms of service with prior notice to clients.

Limitation of Liability: Catalyse disclaims liability in accordance with the terms outlined in service agreements.

Links to External Sites: Our website may contain links to external websites. We are not responsible for the content or practices of these sites.

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Effective Date: This legal notice is effective as of 29 NOV 2019.